Feeds the right meal to the right cat.

Gatefeeder handles your supervised feedings for you and feeds the right meal to the right cat.  The perfect complement to your pet’s daily routine, it uses a Gatefeeder developed, collar mounted Smart ID to enable one designated cat access to food within an enclosed space.  It guarantees all food – canned, kibble, a special diet or medication goes straight to the right cat, while simultaneously keeping mess and odors contained.

  • The first patented controlled-feeding-solution for cats.
  • A Smart ID on your cat’s collar opens the door
  • No Smart ID, no dinner! 
  • Keeps other animals out
  • Indoor or protected outdoor use
  • Precise delivery of medication and specialty food
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Stylish and safe

Easy to keep clean, the feeder’s modern design has an ergonomic door to prevent head or collar entanglement. Its removable hood allows for quick owner access while a viewing window enables owners to check on their cat without disturbing it.

Food, glorious food

Gatefeeder can store and keep fresh up to a weekend’s worth of food for an average cat. One meal of canned food can be kept cool by means of an ice pack for up to 10 hours.

Private dining

Gatefeeder provides your pet with a safe, hygienic and private environment that is tailor-made to its eating habits. It eliminates competitive eating if there is more than one pet in the household and prevents neighborhood animals from inviting themselves to dinner.


How it works

Utilizing a patented RFID system developed exclusively by gatefeeder, the system has a Smart Tag on your cat's collar that communicates with the gatefeeder door control mechanism.

The gatefeeder door control mechanism is usually in sleep mode. When your cat wants access they simply push the door which instantly wakes the system up and within a fraction of a second is able to determine if a Smart Tag is present and opens the door. Simple, reliable, effortless.


Non-allergenic dishwasher- safe stainless steel bowl
Indoor or covered outdoor use
Easy cleaning
Stores up to a weekend’s supply of food
Recommended for cats weighing 5lb - 20lb
Sealed unit controls spills and odors
Prevents children playing with cat food
Space for ice-pack under the bowl
See all features

All Features


  • Gatefeeder developed and patented Smart ID RFID entry system
  • Highly durable and sturdy
  • Maintains a sanitary environment
  • Ideal for unpredictable schedules, elderly people or those with disabilities
  • Stops other pets or neighborhood animals from eating the food
  • Controls individual eating to maintain optimum pet weight and health
  • Feeding on demand – without overeating and bloating
  • Battery operated (6 x AA alkaline batteries, not included)
  • Electo-Magnetic lock
  • Viewing window
  • Easy cleaning
  • Dishwasher safe bowl
  • Non-allergenic stainless steel bowl
  • Reduces noise for stress-free eating
  • Patented, recessed entrance prevents other animals sneaking in

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Buy now

One Gatefeeder automatic cat feeder, includes one Sensor ID tag, one removable feeding tray. Batteries not included.


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